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Mua - Kit Trial Pack

Mua - Kit Trial Pack

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Are you a makeup artist that isn't quite sure which lashes to pick for your kit?  We understand it is hard to decide what lashes to choose from a brand that you haven't tried before.  So we present you with our Kit trial pack, which includes a makeup artist's essential lashes for great value.  No matter what client you have next, with this selection of lashes you can't go wrong ! :)

The Pack includes the styles;

  • 2x Allure
  • 2x Bride's Choice
  • 2x Wink Wink
  • 1x Baby Doll
  • 1x Whispers
  • 1x Lady Bug 
  • 3x Individuals (Short, Medium and Long) 
  • 1x Hey Babe xo
  • 1x Angel
  • 1x Pandora
  • 1x Sugar Pop xo
  • 1x Intoxicated
  • 1x Zen

Customer Reviews

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Make up kit

Amazing lashes came so quickly

Great to start off my Kit

I just became a mobile makeup artist, so I wasn't sure which lashes I would be needing for my kit initially. I bought this package and found that the lashes were absolutely beautiful at such a great value. The range was diverse and there are options for all clients. I will definitely be applying for the industry discount and continue to purchase all my lashes from you guys!