About us

Are you tired of your favourite styles that are on special always being out of stock? Are you over waiting for specials on specific websites and paying ridiculous overseas postage prices…Us too. This inspired us to create the makeup artist complete lash range at prices that do not comprise on quality.  

Introducing… “Hey Babe” lashes, the solution to every makeup artist’s kit.  We have created a friendly system that allows makeup artists and businesses to take advantage of bulk order prices without the hassle of industry discount applications… reaching up to 50% off!  

To keep it even more simple and kit friendly, we have also added the extra benefit that allows you to purchase anything from our ‘entire’ range in your bulk orders.  Yes, that’s right, you aren’t limited to only ‘selected’ styles.  You can stock up your kit to satisfy the needs of all your clients from bridal, natural, individual or the latest fashion looks….with no limitation.  We have your kits covered!

More about our Lashes…

Our lashes have been carefully sourced from reputable manufacturers. Each lash is individually hand-made with care and attention to detail.  Not all lashes are exactly the same, however our photos are a true representation of each lash style.  All our lashes are  100% “animal free”…..  not “cruelty free” as we originally thought was acceptable.  After further research in products that claim they are ‘cruelty free’ we discovered that this is a very ‘grey’ area. We are proud to assure you that our lashes are vegan!