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About us

We welcome you with warm hugs to the Hey Babe team!

Hey babe lashes

Hey Babe Lashes are an Australian owned business, committed to offering the best innovative, on trend lashes alongside exceptional customer care.

Our business was born from the idea that beautiful false eyelashes don’t need to be at the expense of any animals, inspiring us to start a premium 100% ‘Animal Free’ lash label.
We work closely with carefully sourced manufacturers with high quality standards and which also maintain a healthy, happy, and up to code work environment for their employees, to design and create various style of unique synthetic lash styles.
Each lash is individually hand-crafted using 100% sterilised, premium human hair and high quality synthetic fibres.

Minks and Lashes: The Truth About ‘Cruelty-Free’ Claims

Mink lashes have grown popular in the fashion industry since their fur is soft and provides a 3D look. Many lash companies who rely on selling mink lashes claim to be ‘cruelty free’ and that the minks are ‘brushed’ during their ‘shedding season’. However this is far from the truth, and their horrible conditions and way they are treated will make your heart break if you saw. Click here to read more.

Hey Babe Lashes relies on the following three key motives;

  1. Quality and Comfort – Because we appreciate comfort, and there is nothing worse than wearing a lash that is poorly designed and doesn’t sit well on the lash line. Our cotton bands or clear bands are comfy and also make the lashes easy to apply.
  2. Unique styles to enhance your makeovers – there is no way you will put on a hey babe lash and ever look ridiculous. Our styles are carefully selected and we only work with popular styles.
  3. Animal Free – Here at Hey Babe, we are a community of babes - beautiful on the inside and out. We share nothing but love and support and will not sacrifice our precious minks at the cost of beauty! With our new synthetic fibres, our lashes are not only equivalent to mink lashes , however more consistent and more refined – We’ve all seen how mink lash hairs sometimes go ‘fizzy’ and look sizzled due to them needing to go through sanitisation process.


We look forward to you trying our lashes and would love to hear your feedback. Receiving positive feedback from our happy clients is our inspiration to continue raising the bar and creating new innovative designs!