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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone - Hey Babe Festival Lash Range 

Perhaps one shade of colour is not enough for you and the perfect way to express yourself is in many colours! Your eyes are the windows of your soul; adding an extra shade of eyelash colour is great, but adding in even more is even better!

Hey Babe Lashes  in ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ is every beauty-and-fun-loving person’s dream; a set of multi-coloured faux mink lashes, adorned with positivity that brings good vibes to everyone!


Rainbow Moonstone hey babe faux mink lash

The Rainbow Moonstone intensifies your feminine Goddess energy! It embodies positive energy that inspires the wearer to succeed in many aspects of life; an increase of mutual trust in love and relationship, find new opportunities in money and business, and encourages healing, inner strength for self-growth. Like its mother gemstone, Hey Babe Lashes in ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ assists women to recognise and embrace their innate personal power.

Knowing Your Product – Festival False Lashes

Hey Babe Lashes aims to be a leading innovative brand by being the first to introduce not only beautifully designed colored lashes, but also nature-loving products.

Introducing the Rainbow Moonstone as one of its latest products from the Festival Range, self-expression has never been this easy!

Like the gemstone that gives you good charms in love and relationship, money and business, and self-improvement, this pair of lashes signifies that a rainbow-like hope to having a blissful life is not out of grasp! Wear it, believe in everything good, and find beauty not only in those multi-coloured lashes, but also in what life is yet to bring!

1. Beauty and Comfort Combined 

Crafted not only for aesthetics but also for quality, the Rainbow Moonstone comes in a medium combination of fine orange, pink, purple, and blue fibres—plus black fibres for extra depth and fullness! This is your perfect go-to lashes when you want a multiple color combination. Although the lashes look more bluish from afar, the shades that were picked give a rainbow appearance, highlighting your eyes and giving them a unique pop. With easy-to-apply, ultra-soft cotton bands for a comfortable wearing experience, you’re sure to enjoy any festival or festivities the night brings without a hassle!

2. Superior Quality

These are not an ‘ordinary’ lashes... This is ‘Hey Babe’ lash quality at its latest and finest instalment yet. The synthetic fibres are intricately manufactured to be 3D and to give you the softest and equivalent feel to natural mink fur quality. The colors and shades are carefully picked and assembled in a perfect combination. You will love the attention to detail of this lash as well as it’s ombre effect!

3. Vegan and Animal-Free!

The sad truth about mink lashes is that it is not possible to collect their fur in a ‘cruelty free’ way. Beauty brands selling mink eyelashes continue to claim they are ‘cruelty free’. The Rainbow Moonstone, just like every other product from Hey Babe Lashes, are completely faux mink and animal free, the only way to be cruelty free! Our lash ranges are a vegan alternative to mink lashes—and even better and more consistent quality! The synthetic fibre materials used to create the ‘Rainbow Moonstone’ are lighter, more consistent, refined, and do not show signs of wear and tear - As sometimes real mink lashes can become ‘fizzled’ and ‘sizzled’ from their strong sanitisation processes! 

Life wouldn’t be exciting without colors—it is one of the beautiful things where you find joy, hope, and self-expression! When it comes to sprucing up your lashes with extra style, Hey Babe Lashes Rainbow Moonstone is a perfect accessory!




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