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Myths of the ‘cruelty free’ mink industry – What they DON’T want you to know.

Ethically sourced, free-range, and cruelty-free... This is what Mink Lash Companies want you to THINK about their 'Mink Eyelashes'.

These labels serve one purpose: to deceive consumers.
We too, here at Hey Babe Lashes fell in love with the lightweight and soft luxurious look of real fur mink eyelashes...

We were excited to include them in our beautiful range, so mink lash manufacturing companies were top on our list when we were searching for the best eyelash manufacturers for Hey Babe Lashes.

Well... were we shocked! 

Mink Lashes

It didn’t take long to see the grey areas of all their ‘cruelty free’ claims.. Not for one minute do we believe companies that are selling real mink lashes and making ‘cruelty free’ claims aren’t completely aware of the truth. 
Just learning a few facts about the characteristics and life of minks is evidence alone.
Minks can’t be ‘free-range’. They’re solitary, territorial animals who become aggressive when they feel threatened.  They don’t even socialise with their own kind, in fact males and females only meet once a year to mate and then go their separate ways.  

If confined to a restricted area together they would likely attack each other until death, it is impossible to create a ‘free range’ environment for minks.

Mink Lashes

Now for the truth: 

Life on a fur farm is nothing short of horrific.They’re kept in rows of small filthy, cramped wire bottomed cages and not given access to water to bathe in despite being semi-aquatic animals.  

They are often denied even basic necessities such as food and water, medical care is not even a consideration. Once they have served their purpose for humans they are violently killed. They’re electrocuted, bludgeoned, or gassed, or their necks are broken, and their skins are torn from their bodies while they’re still conscious.

Mink Lash

When we asked these mink manufacturing companies about how they acquired their real fur mink lashes they assured us that no minks were hurt in the process and they are sourced ‘cruelty free’.  They painted a pretty picture of minks being lovingly caressed by humans as they were gently stroked and brushed for any naturally shedding hairs fibres. 
Now we could have just accepted this and gone down that path but that would just set us down an unethical path from our first day of business.  This is not what we wanted for the Hey Babe Lashes brand. Our mission was to create an authentic brand and a trustworthy ongoing relationship with our customers. 




What we do know about MINKS is this:


Minks don’t like to be touched let alone brushed.  They aren’t household pets! They don’t curl up in human laps for cuddles and grooming. These beautiful animals are wild, being forcefully held by a human who’s pulling on their fur would be, at best, terrifying for them and would, at worst, lead to an ugly fight and ultimately their death.
We asked manufacturers basic questions..


What country is the mink farm in? Do you have any photos of the farm?
Their refusal or inability to answer such questions spoke volumes. There is large amount of evidence of the torture minks are faced with for the fur trade industry. Yet, not one photo or video evidence of any these ‘free range
farms’ of minks co-existing with humans that are regularly caressing them and brushing them gently for their fur. The harsh truth is, there is no excuse for ignorance in today’s society with the wealth of knowledge we have at our fingertips… mink lashes are not ‘cruelty free’.
Cruelty free lashes





Now for the GOOD news!


The good news is that modern-day technology and manufacturing processes have progressed to the point of creating the most lifelike, cutting-edge synthetic fur-free fibres which are genuinely 100% cruelty-free lashes.  Yes, with Hey Babe's Lash range, it looks like the fluffy mink lashes, with comfortable cotton bands.. without the Mink of course!

No one should be tortured for the sake of long lashes especially when there are so many beautiful, animal free alternatives.  You can keep up with trends and enjoy your lightweight, soft and fluffy fake eyelashes a with Hey Babe Lashes, a brand you can trust.  

We have a beautiful human and silk range that are ethically manufactured and handcrafted and best of all you can wear them guilt free!

If you want to see more about how minks are treated for the use of lashes you can watch this video.. Please take caution as this may be disturbing for some people.  Watch at your own discretion. 

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