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Iconic Festival Range - Hey Babe Lashes

As the contagious festival culture continues to sweep us all in, the struggle to find something ‘NEW’ and ‘Unique’ is real. Festival culture is all about self expression, being your best self and living your best life.

Hey Babe is so excited to introduce to you our new 'Coloured Festival Lash Range!' So now you can make your eyes just as edgy as…well everything else!

Are you tired of seeing same old lashes flooding your feed? Some full glam, some natural, fluffy, wispy, and so on - it’s been the same for years. We thought it was time, to well, Give the people what they want!

Something new, something fun, something unique. It’s time someone did ‘colored lashes’ right. Our styles are perfected with just the right amount of colored fibers combined with black fibers – a fresh look with a hint of extra!


Hey babe Festival false lashes

Hey Babe's Iconic Festival Lash Range 

The Festival Range gives you great options from heavy to subtle styles. Manufactured in two-toned themes, these lashes are inspired by inherit qualities of Gemstones.  Encompassing the unique characteristics and qualities we love about beautiful raw gemstones.  Keeping in mind, that Hey Babe Lashes are also nature loving products; completely animal free. 


With high standards and an intricate manufacturing process, Hey Babe Lashes are produced in perfect amount of colored fibres combined with black fibres. And the result? A perfect selection of festival-inspired, tip-tinted, and ombre-colored eyelashes!

Keeping in mind the things you love most about the best false lashes; Fluffy, 3D, soft, comfy band, easy to apply.. 

Hey babe lashes created this range with three ideas in mind:

1. Quality and Comfort

Because we appreciate comfort, and there is nothing worse than wearing a lash that is poorly designed and doesn’t sit well. Our cotton bands are comfy and also make the lashes easy to apply.

2. Unique styles to enhance your makeovers 

There is no way you will put on a hey babe lash and ever look ridiculous. Our styles are carefully selected and we only work with popular styles. With our new Festival range, we have a ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ version of each colour, we understand some like natural and some prefer full glam – the choice is yours!

3. VEGAN and animal free 

Here at Hey Babe, we are a community of babes - beautiful on the inside and out. We share nothing but love and support and will not sacrifice our precious minks at the cost of beauty! With our new synthetic fibers, our lashes are not only equivalent to mink lashes , however more consistent and more refined – We’ve all seen how mink lash hairs sometimes go ‘fizzy’ and look sizzled due to them needing to go through sanitisation process.

Festival best false eyelashes

Minks and Lashes: The Truth About ‘Cruelty-Free’ Claims

Mink lashes have grown popular in the fashion industry since the fur has a soft quality that can give the lashes a fuller look. You probably wonder if the animals are being killed in the process of making mink lashes. The answer is yes, and if they are not killed by the humans running the farm, they are eaten alive by other minks they share cages with. But STILL there are lash companies that claim ‘Cruelty-Free’ mink lashes. Minks are naturally aggressive and feisty, solitary creatures that meet up to mate once per year with their partners. So, there really is no way to ‘harvest’ fur by ‘gently combing’ the mink in a ‘cruelty-free’ way.

Hey Babe Faux Mink Lashes - A guilt free alternative

This dilemma paved a way for Hey Babe Lashes to innovate without going against animal rights. The Hey Babe Lashes Festival Range offers similar style as mink lashes, but in vegan alternative. The products are carefully studied and manufactured using the best of synthetic fibre materials to achieve the most natural look, texture, and quality. It is new, innovative, with a priority to remain authentic and consider a selection of customers like vegan and animal rights advocates.

Best faux mink eyelashes

Festival Lash Range Product breakdown


Azurite – This product inspired by the Stone of Heaven comes in a pair of blue mixed with orange fibres. The ombre effect and tip tint gives the product a subtle blue colour—not too vibrant, but not too dull. Just the right mix!

• Lapis Lazuli – This set of heavy blue lashes are similar to Azurite, only with a more dramatic flare. Unlike Azurite, which is more subtle, the Lapiz Lazuli emphasizes the beauty of the combination of orange and blue lashes even more.

• Sugilite – A set of lashes with a more feminine shade of colour, this product will definitely suit your taste. Although the Sugilite looks pinker in colour from afar, the lashes are actually crafted with delicate purple and orange fibres—giving a refreshing pink hue to it.

• Amethyst – This is the ‘heavier’ version of Sugilite, which comes in vibrant pink and purple shades. The lashes look less ombre and more solid, giving the wearer a truly remarkable and striking set of dual-coloured lashes.

• Rainbow Moonstone – Intricately designed with a combination of blue, orange, purple, and pink lashes, the Rainbow Moonstone is your ultimate multi-coloured lashes that come in medium shades. When you want a pair of lashes that are not too heavy or light, this is perfect for you.


Only for Festivals?

This launch of coloured lashes that aim to satisfy customers of a dynamic range. The vibrant lashes are not only for festivals, but are perfect to wear for various events like festivals, Drag fests, dancing and costume parties!
Don’t leave your lashes out, they need dressing up too. Add a finishing touch to the ‘window’ of your soul, in colors the make your eyes pop!

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