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Azurite - Hey Babe Festival Lash Range 

Do you want to know a secret to making your eye color pop? You could try out all sorts of eye makeup, however have you ever imagined a delicately coloured lash? This has never been done before, but what could possible top faux colored lashes? When it comes to colored lashes, you cannot go wrong with Hey Babe Lashes—and our latest product, Azurite, could be the secret ingredient to making your eyes pop!

Blue coloured festival lash from hey babe lashes


The Azurite lash was inspired from a beautiful blue gemstone, the Azurite. Although the gemstone’s name was derived from the word ‘azure’, the mental, emotional, and spiritual properties it signifies is far from being ‘blue’. It is usually referred to as the ‘Stone of the Heavens’, that inspires you in your chase for that unforgettable and divine experience! It is also known to bring a serene and calming effect from mental stress… something we could all benefit from I am sure.

Azurite gemstone hey babe lashes


Knowing Your Product – Festival False Lashes

Hey Babe Lashes aims to be a leading innovative brand by being the first to introduce not only beautifully designed colored lashes, but also nature-loving products.  The Azurite lash, is one of our latest products from the Iconic ‘Festival Range’, to help empower you to find out and express yourself.

Just like the blue gemstone, the Azurite lash will bring you nothing but joy. Put a unique glam on those eyelashes and spruce up your eyes for a new look! Wearing the Azurite guarantees you a festive look that surely stands out!


1. Beauty and Comfort Combined

Crafted not only for aesthetics but also for quality, the Azurite comes in a combination of fine orange and blue fibres—plus black fibres for extra depth and fullness! This is your perfect go-to lashes when you want something that plays between subtle beauty and colours. With easy-to-apply, ultra-soft cotton bands for a comfortable wearing experience, you’re sure to enjoy any festival or festivities the night brings without a hassle!

2. Superior Quality 

These are not an ‘ordinary’ lashes... This is ‘Hey Babe’ lash quality at its latest and finest instalment yet. The synthetic fibres are intricately manufactured to give you the softest and equivalent feel to natural mink fur quality. The colors and shades are carefully picked and assembled in a perfect combination. You will love the attention to detail of this lash as well as it’s ombre effect!

3. Vegan and Animal-Free!

The sad truth about mink lashes is that it is not possible to collect their fur in a ‘cruelty free’ way. Beauty brands selling mink eyelashes continue to claim they are ‘cruelty free’. The Azurite, just like every other product from Hey Babe Lashes, are completely faux mink and animal free, the only way to be cruelty free! Our lash ranges are a vegan alternative to mink lashes—and even better and more consistent quality! The synthetic fibre materials used to create the Azurite are lighter, more consistent, refined, and do not show signs of wear and tear - As sometimes real mink lashes can become ‘fizzled’ and ‘sizzled’ from their strong sanitisation processes! 


Beauty does not have to break your pockets; you just have to choose the right company to buy from! With Hey Babe Lashes’ Azurite, you’re in for a complete eye make-over!

Get the sass and class, and flaunt those eyelashes – guilt free! Spruce up your festival outfit like never with Hey Babe Festival Lashes!

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